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2016-11-18 Fri 19:05

Songs The A-Bones Taught Us


THE A-BONESがレコーディングした曲のオリジナル・アーティストを全曲、調べました。
トリュビュート企画への参加は微妙かと思いましたがDaddy Wants A Cold Beer収録曲は対象にしました。

★Tempo Tantrum 86
Gonna Be Loved (Linda Roth )
 Froggy Went A-Courtin'(Danny Dell & The Trends)
 Betty Lou Got A New Tattoo(The Creep)
  Lordy Hoody( Tommy Blake)

★Free Beer For Life 88 
Darlene (Ben Vaughn )
Devil Dance(The Devils )
A-Bomb Bop (Mike Fernandez)
Mumbo Jumbo
Spinning My Wheels(Chuck Brooks)
Lug Nuts

★The Life Of Riley 91
That Jim(Mackey Beers)
Sham Rock(Royal Teens)
My Dawgy Heap
The Bee(Sentinals)
Monkey's Uncle(Ray Sharp)
Satellite Dish
Time MachineJack (Donovan & The Knight Caps)
Rough Cut(Johnny and The Roccos )
She's Gotta Be Boss(Sir Douglas Quintet)
Jugue(Johnny Amelio Bill Paradis And His Downbeats )
El Kabong
Button Nose(Benny Joy)
I've Fallen (And I Can't Get Up)
Go Betty Go
Go Go Go For Louie's Place(The Surfaris )

★I Was A Teenage Mummy 92
Mum's The Word
Firewater( Premieres )
Mark Of The Squealer
Homicide(Myron Lee)
The Fez Man Walks
Little Egypt(The Coasters)
Bandstand Rocket(The Twisters )
Oh Wendy (Let's Stay Out All Night)

★Music Minus Five 93
Bird Doggin'(Gene Vincent)
The Claw
Donut Run
You Oughta Know
Little Bo Pete(Buddy Miller )
Hully Gully(The olympics)
Get Home Girl
Come On, Come On (The Esquires )
Flea Bitten Annie
I Must Be Dreamin'(The Coasters)
Who The Heck
Bonomo Twine Time
Oasis (Pt. 3)(The Majestics)
In The U.S.A.(Flamin' Groovies)

★Crash The Party 96
Rollin' To The Jukebox Rock (Benny Joy)
Wild Wild Lover (Benny Joy)
Money, Money (Benny Joy)
She Cried For Me (Benny Joy)
Ittie Bittie Everything (Benny Joy)
Gossip Gossip Gossip (Benny Joy)
I'm Doubtful Of Your Love (Benny Joy)
Button Nose [live] (Benny Joy)
The Star Of The Show (Benny Joy)
Steady With Betty (Benny Joy)
Crash The Party (Benny Joy)
Knock Three Times (Benny Joy)
Bundle Of Love (Benny Joy)
Hey High School Baby (Benny Joy)
Call The Zoo (Benny Joy)
Spin The Bottle (Benny Joy)
I'm Gonna Move (Benny Joy)
Come Back (Benny Joy)
Button Nose [Studio Version] (Benny Joy)

★Not Now! 09
Geraldine (Ole Miss Downbeats)
Restless (Booker T &MG's??????)
Outcast (The Animals)
Shallow Grave(Written-By the Dictators Andy Shernoff)
The Lover's Curse(Bracey Everett)
He Sure Could Hypnotize (The Clovers)
Jupiter Bulldog
Cat Nip (Dave "Baby" Cortez)
Stolen Moments
Bad Times(Scotty McKay )
The Rooster (Gabriel & His Angels)
Six Long Weeks(Jerry Woodard)
Don't Talk About Him
Granny Tops 'Em At The Hop(Bob Grady)
Bing Bong (There's A Party Goin' On)

★Ears Wide Shut 14
Questions I Can't Answer(Heinz)
Henrietta(Jimmy Dee and The Offbeats )
Just A Little Bit Of You (The Rejects )
Oh Yeah(Dean & Jean)
Luci Baines(The American Four)
Come Back Baby(Evans Carroll & The Tempos )
Lula Baby
Tulane(Chuck Berry)
Little School Boy(Billy Garner )
Catahoula Stomp
Thunder (Bob Taylor & The Counts )
Four O'clock Baby(Darrell Rhodes And The Falcons )
Sorry (The Easybeats )

★Daddy Wants A Cold Beer And Other Million Sellers
Don't Need No Job(Jerry Parsons & The Blue Jeans)
Questions I Can't Answer(Heinz)
The World's Greatest Sinner(Baby Ray & The Ferns Written-By Frank Zappa )
Shanty Tramp(Betty Dickson)
Bamboo Rock And Roll(The Nitecaps)
Spooks-A-Poppin' Theme
Maintaining My Cool(The Sonics)
She Said Yeah (Larry Williams)
Wah-Hey (The Turbines)
Guess I'm Falling In Love (Velvet Underground )
Baby Doll (The Tune Tones)
Daddy Wants A Cold Beer(Menster Phip & The Phipsters)
Louie Go Home(Paul Revere & Raiders)
Hep Cat( Larry Terry )
I'm Snowed(Joe South )
Bad Boy(Larry Williams)
Take Up The Slack Daddy-O (The Sabres)
Why Don't They Let Us Fall In Love(The Ronettes)
Monkey Man(Baby Huey & The Baby Sitters)
A White T-Shirt And A Pink Carnation(Marty Robbins )
Third Pint From The Sun

We're Gonna Get Married (Bo Diddley)
Squat With Me Baby(Rochell & The Candles )
Do De Squat(???)

Why Why Why
You're Gone
One Mile
(Rudy Grayzell)

Mama Rock
New Spark
(Jhonny Powers)

Stop It Baby
You Know What You Can Do
Jump Into The River
Smoke Rings
(Roy Loney)
Rock The Boat(????)
Drive In (The Beach Boys)
You Can't Beat It (The Troggs)
All Night Long(Bob Luman)
Genocide (Link Wray)
It's A Hard Life Written(The Seeds)
The Only Asshole (Alone At The Dance)
Teenage Head (Flamin' Groovies)
Oh Canada(カナダ国歌)



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